Most Popular Cheap bikes

Out of the thousands of bikes available on the Amazon the 10 bikes which have made into our list of top 10 cheap bikes are selected after careful consideration of various aspects which are essential for an ideal bike. We have given extra weightage to the users’ reviews on every bike as only the riders who actually ride a particular bike can describe it the best. So we have gone for the bikes which have been given maximum rating points by the users. The other thing which we have gone after is choosing some renowned brands and product’s reliability as a bike is good for use as long as its components are reliable and durable.

That a bike should look good and be comfortable was also the criterion we have set to choose the bikes which are stylish yet comfortable. The last but not the least criteria was that a bike should be affordable for a common man that’s why we have put together a list which contains not only the reasonably affordable bikes but also the bikes which possess the above mentioned qualities. The best thing regarding these chosen bikes is that they give you plenty of options in the form of color combinations and sizes so you can choose any one of the available color combinations and sizes. So based on all of these things, we feel a sense of pride about us and are immensely pleased to provide you the list of the best quality top 10 cheap bikes on the Amazon.

Top 10 Best Buy Bikes

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong has been designing bikes for 10 years now. There focus is on designing the bikes which are of high quality and easily affordable. They design the bikes that blend style and functionality to create an enjoyable experience for the riders. They have come up with the configuration to make their bikes glide across the riding surfaces. This urban lady beach cruiser bike from Firmstrong is not only considered as one of the best but also an ideal bike for a casual ride in and around the town or at the beach.

This purple colored cruiser bike rides smoothly and easy pedaling makes it fun to operate and easy to control. It is an easy a bike as you can get to maintain.  There are no hanging cables to be seen anywhere and the gear system is one of the simplest. It is a great bike for a ride which is up to 20 miles. You will be able to maintain a consistent cruising speed anywhere in between 3-15 mph.

This single speed urban lady cruiser bike is still able to fulfil the various needs of a rider. It doesn’t matter whether it is a path, street, or boardwalk, the ride is always smooth. The classic curvy design with a 17-inch durable steel frame makes the riding relaxed and easy. The 26-inch aluminium wheels come with easy to use coaster brakes. The white wall ballooned tires makes it for a non jittery and a cushioned ride. It features an oversized seat with double coil springs making the ride soft and smooth. The wide handlebars with rubber grips put the rider in an ideal upright and comfortable seating posture. There is a guard over the chain provided to protect pant cuffs getting caught in the chain. This bike can be fitted with accessories such as handlebar basket, cable lock or a kickstand. The color matched fenders are available but they are sold separately. This the rarest of bikes featuring all these qualities and weighs about 38 pounds and it comes 80 percent assembled so you just have to make a little effort to assemble it 100 percent and make it ready to use.

If you are looking for a color different than purple, you don’t need to worry because there are colors available for almost everyone.  You can choose from as many as 17 different color combinations available on the Amazon. The prices of bikes vary depending on the color combination and are slightly higher than the price of above mentioned bike. There are also some different versions of this bike available, so If you want another version of this bike in terms of size and speed, you can choose from the 5 styles available on the Amazon. The 4 styles other than the above mentioned one are 24-inch/1-speed, 26-inch/3-speed, 24-inch/3-speed (available in mint green, baby blue and colors) and 26-inch/3-speed (available in vanilla color). The prices of bikes vary according to the styles as well.  The 24-inch size is suitable for girls or women who are 4 feet to 5 feet 2 inches tall and the 26-inch size is ideally suited to the bike riders who are 5 feet to 6 feet tall.

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle


Another Firmstrong urban beach cruiser bike but it is designed for men. There are not many cheap bikes which can claim to do all the things which this bike is capable of. This single speed orange colored cruiser bike is great for riding casually around the town, by the beach or through the neighborhood. This is a bike which is designed for a complete adventurous experience for the riders and not just a mode of transportation. While only offering one gear, the single-speed bike is still able to serve the different needs of various riders.It’s ideal for those who want a simple bicycle that is fun and easy to operate. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding around the neighborhood, heading to the nearby convenience store, or just out enjoying the day.

It’s all about the journey, and this bike makes sure you’ll enjoy the ride. This is a great bike for a riding distance of up to 20 miles and allows the rider to maintain a consistent cruising speed of anywhere between 3 –  15 mph.This single speed cruiser bike has a 19-inch steel frame and wheels of 26 inches. The design is of a classic curvy cruiser frame style and it comes with a dual spring saddle. The 2.2125-inch wide ballooned whitewall tires with a strong grip absorb the bumps and make the ride more comfortable. Making it look like a class above than all other bikes which are sold under the name of cheap bikes.

The simple pedal backwards coaster brakes are easy to use and make stopping the bike easy. There are no cables hanging here or there to deal with which makes it a very non fussy bike. The oversized seat features a double coil spring which makes the ride soft and smooth. The wide handlebars combined with synthetic leather grips help the rider to sit in a relaxed and upright seating position which takes the pressure off the rider’s back. This bike can be fitted with accessories like LED headlights and LED tail-lights. The matching fenders are available for this bike but they are sold separately. It would be a good idea to buy the fenders as well as it will not only complete the bike’s look but also will help to minimize the mess during or after the rains.

The bike’s weight is 38 pounds and it comes 80 percent assembled. The rest of the 20 percent can be assembled without consuming a too much of time and you can do it yourself effortlessly. You can choose from 13 different colors available on Amazon and the price varies accordingly. This is a cruiser bike which is available in 3 different styles other than the 26-inch/ 1-speed style and only this style can be considered in the category of cheap bikes as other 3 styles are more expensive than this. Those 3 different styles are 26-inch/ 7-speed, 24-inch/ 1-speed (available in black, matte black and royal blue colors) and 26-inch/3-speed (available in black, matte black, matte grey and red colors). Like the colors the prices varies in the case of styles as well.  The 24-inch size bikes are suitable for the riders who are 4 feet to 5 feet 2 inches tall while the 26-inch bike is suitable for the riders who are 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle

Road bikes are specialized for high speed travel on paved surfaces. The Merax road racing bike features a strong yet lightweight aluminium frame. This 21 speed road bike features front and rear Shimano derailleurs and Shimano thumb Shifters for smooth, easy and quick gear changing which you cannot find in the other road bikes. If you are an experienced rider you would know that the Shimano components are of high quality and solid. With an all new 2015 design and the full aluminium frame with 700C threadless fork made of steel, this green colored Merax road bike is one of those bikes which is stylish yet practical.

The bike features high performance 700C road wheel bikes with a quick release front wheel. The lightweight feel of the Merax road bike and the 21 speeds makes it equally effective on both the flat roads and the mountains. Whether you are interested in century or triathlon, this is the perfect bike for you. It also gives you an excellent option for cycling in and around the town, daily commuting and for longer road trips. Plus the bike features kenda 7x28C tires, alloy calliper brakes and aluminium bottle cage. The drop-bar handlebars of this bike give you many options to change positions of your hands making it easier to ride and hence reduce the stress on your upper body. It can also be fitted with plenty of accessories such as cargo racks, fenders, LED headlights and LED tail-lights.

This is one of the best road bikes and weighs about 27.5 pounds which is awesome as it is far lighter as compared to some other bikes in this category. This bike also comes in two other sizes 50 cm and 58 cm besides this 54 cm version. Both of the 50 cm and the 58 cm sizes are slightly more expensive than the 54 cm size bike. Moreover, the bikes of all these three sizes come not only in green but also in red color. Again the prices vary according to the size and colour combination of a particular bike. The bike come 85 percent factory assembled. Most of the riders who have purchased this bike do appreciate the fact that it come in a good packaging and is very easy to setup. It doesn’t matter whether you have assembled a bike before or not, this bike is pretty easy to setup. It would take only about 30 mins to assemble the remaining 15 percent of the bike.

Northwoods Pomona Women’s Cruiser Bike (26-Inch Wheels)


This ladies cruiser bike from Northwoods is stylish and very affordable. If you are looking for reliability, comfort and  value in a bike then this can be the perfect bike for you. This bike is perfect for a ride to the nearby store or a coffee shop or just a casual ride around the town. It features 26-inch aluminium wheels with 36 spokes. The wheels are completed by custom design cruiser tires. The silver and green color combination of the aluminium frame of this bike makes it stands out among the other bikes and makes it look attractive. The frame is hand built and lightweight with dual suspension that absorbs the bumps on uneven roads. It also features an ergo fit steel handlebars with shift twisters for proper balancing and control. The comfortable cruiser seat is well shaped and makes the ride smooth and relaxed. This bike also has a high quality Shimano rear derailleur, a comfortable saddle and a linear pull style brake. This bike can be fitted with accessories such as cable lock, kickstand, LED headlights and LED tail-lights. Most of the bike comes factory assembled and the rest of it is easy to set up. This bike comes with a warranty but it is only extended to the original retail buyer of the bike. You have to produce a proof of purchase to validate any claim. Depending on various factors the manufacturer’s warranty may not apply in all cases. If you have any questions you can contact the manufacturer.

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

Vilano’s fixie road bike looks very stylish and attractive in white color. This bike provides an excellent option for those, who are tired of searching through the cheap bikes online without much luck and looking for an affordable bike to ride on a daily basis. The bike is great for urban riding and is the best bike for daily commuters. The flip-flop hub with freewheel and cog allows you to change from fixed gear to single speed easily. It has 45mm double walled deep-V anodized wheels with matching anodized hubs and includes 28c tires for increased contact and control in urban settings. The urban geometry track style frame and 700c 1 1/8″ threadless straight fork are tig-welded. It has a crankset featuring forged alloy crank set w/46T replaceable chain ring. It also features front and rear alloy calliper brakes. Free platform pedals are included with this bike. It is one of easiest and simplest bike to maintain which is a rarity in the bikes which we can call as the best fixie bikes . This bike can be fitted with accessories like U-locks, LED headlights and LED tail-lights. This Vilano bike is available in 7 colors on amazon and the price of the bike varies according to the colors. There are also 3 sizes available to choose from which are small (50 cm), medium (54 cm) and large (58 cm). All three sizes come in different prices.

Schwinn 26″ Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Blue


This ladies cruiser bike in blue color from Schwinn is very comfortable and very stylish. The classic cruiser style frame with matching fenders makes it look more contemporary and appealing which gives the impression of this being much more expensive bike than the other bikes. The steel frame and fork make it a better option to be comfortable for riding. This 7-speed cruiser bike feature twist shifters with a Schwinn rear derailleur for quick shifts. The 7 gears make it a very handy bike to ride up the hills and in strong wind. The sweptback handlebars of this Schwinn perla bike with the wide seat allow the rider to sit in an upright seating posture. Alloy V brakes can be trusted to make the sure stops. The Schwinn quality padded spring seat make the ride soft and smooth. The matching full fenders provided with the bike helps to avoid the mess around the bike and makes for a convenient riding in all weathers. This bike comes with a limited lifetime warranty applicable only as long as the original retail buyer owns it. The accessories like handlebar bike basket and self coiling cable lock can be fitted with this bike. Its dimensions are 40 x 26 x 71 inches and very easy to assemble.

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Grind Pro BMX Bike (20-Inch Wheels)

This is a Grind pro BMX bike from Diamonback Bicycles. BMX bikes were used to be popular among the kids due to their low size are now equally popular among the adults as well. The fact that it is one of the best quality bikes makes it all the more exciting and is much better than other bikes which claim to be best pro BMX bikes. It is a great bike for those who want to learn new tricks with the BMX bikes. Learning the new tricks can be very time consuming activity but this BMX bike would make every minute of it fun filled. The freestyle BMX bike is specifically built for small BMXers. Ready to crush any park or street obstacle thrown in its way. This orange colored bike features 20-inch wheels with 48 spoke rims, a cable detangler and promax brakes which deliver a great stopping power. Also offers a great deal in a very affordable price. The high tensile steel frame and fork with 990 brake mount for durability.Featuring a 3 piece cromoly cranks which are strong and stiff and a simple and light single speed drivetrain. The DB BMX seat is nice and comfortable. It also possesses a cassette rear hub and a FSA threadless headset makes this bike ready to shred. Grind Pro BMX comes with 2 pegs which are included in the package.

Critical Cycles Women’s Beach Cruiser 1-Speed Bike


This Beach cruiser for women is hot new single speed bike which is a product of Critical Cycles. Enjoy your ride on this bike with a classic looking design. Critical Cycles not only put ease and comfort on the top of their priority list when designing this cruiser bike but also try to make the bike of highest quality. The Mixte-frame installed in this bike can be easily mounted or dismounted. The hand built steel frame is great for better shock absorption and it is much more absorbent as compared to the aluminium frame. The high handlebars with soft foam grips put the rider in a comfortable upright seating posture which ultimately reduces the stress off the rider’s back. The wide tires and the cushiony wide saddle add to the comfort of riding a bike. It comes with coaster brakes which are synonymous with cruiser bikes and are really easy to use. You can control the simple mechanism of this bike by using your feet without any fuss. This bike come with already installed kickstand and it could be very handy as it allows you to not worry about where to park your bike when you go to your local store or a coffee shop.  Also, like the kickstand this bike  could be fitted with accessories like handlebar basket and self coiling cable lock.

Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Hybrid Bike Sage, Green


This hybrid bike for ladies is a fantastic product from Schwinn. Green color makes this bike classy and stylish. You can just ride it about anywhere. It will look all stylish and classy whether you are riding to your work or just going for a casual ride around the local neighborhood Schwinn Women's Wayfare Hybrid Bike Sage, Greenduring the weekends. Also can be ridden to the nearby market or to a local coffee shop to grab some coffee with your friends. The retro style urban steel frame with coordinating fenders and rack adds to the charm of this bike and make it look different from all of the other bikes available. The tires are wide enough to make your ride a stable one. The 7-speed shifters with Schwinn rear derailleur are easy to use.

The Schwinn quality spring seat and the riding position which is upright makes for a better visibility and a comfortable ride. The alloy front and rear brakes are easy to use and gives you the stability and control over the bike. This hybrid bike can be fitted with accessories like handlebar basket, U locks, LED headlight and LED tail-light. Like all the Schwinn bikes this Wayfare hybrid bike gives you a lifetime warranty as long as the original owner owns the bike. Dimensions of Wayfare Hybrid Bike  are 70 x 25.5 x 43 inches.

Vilano Women’s Classic Urban Commuter Single Speed Bike Fixie Style City Mint Pearl Road Bicycle


This  modern city bike from Vilano is a single speed bike with a classic style. This well could be the bike you are looking for which gives you the complete overall package you are looking for. The bike looks elegant and simple and is specifically designed to ride in urban areas. We all know already that riding any sort of bike has many advantages but this particular bike gives you an excellent option to ride around the local area or just a ride to your local bar, restaurant or a grocery store. Mustache handlebar and a suspension saddle provide a comfortable riding to the rider. 700C wheels and a track style steel frame with a relax geometry allow the rider to ride a quick, comfortable and stable ride. The coaster brakes allow you to brake with your feet and there are not any cables to be seen anywhere giving the bike a sleek and elegant look. Synthetic leather seat is smooth and comfortable and can be adjustable according to the rider’s preferred height,a quality which you cannot find in the other bikes comparable to this bike. This mint pearl colored bike also features classic curved fork, a silver 44T crankset, 30 mm double walled alloy rims and 700C x 28 C tires. Plus the platform pedals and a kickstand are included in this bike’s package. The bike can be fitted with accessories like handlebar basket, U locks, LED headlight and LED tail-light. This City Mint Pearl Road Bicycle comes in 22 inch size as well but it is slightly expensive than this size. So order your bike now and enjoy the ride on this magnificent bike.